Saturday, 28 February 2015

Empower women Empower Humanity

Empower Women

Empowerment of women is necessary to strengthen the current status of the women in our Indian society. We need to be aware and develop some strategy to find out a path where women are considered equal to men without discrimination. Women empowerment can be achieved through educating women so that they can be a part of decision and suggestion of the society. But, it is also necessary that women need to be physically fit for taking challenges of the society and able to represent herself equal to men.

In the poor societies of India, physical labor done by men is more than women. Deforestation causing the depletion of the woods, so women have to cover more distance for firewood, water is polluted so; again they need to cover more distance in the search of water supply. They eat less; do not have any health knowledge and education. Women get low wages than the men, and they have also to bear the responsibility of children and taking care of their family.

There are so many crimes against women like domestic violence, dowry, and no share in the property rights. Some crime includes the sexual exploitation of women for the economic gain like adultery, prostitution, trafficking of the girl child, rape, murder and wrong confinement, etc. These crimes are not only ruining the life of a woman but also the status of a society.

In India, according to the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), about 1.5 lakh crimes against females are reported in a year out of which domestic violence cases are nearly 50,000. Women are considered weak and inferior whereas male member are the head of the family. Beating of women is the frequent violence against women in the rural societies. Similarly, when demand of dowry is not met, then the case of bride burning is common in the countryside. According to the Dowry Prohibition Act of 1961, Dowry is a social evil, but the practice of dowry is standard. It is a shame to mention here, the dowry demand cases are also seen in the higher middle class educated society. To eliminate this social evil from the country, government has to empower women economically so that they can protect themselves from the domestic violence and raise voice against dowry giving as well as taking.

In India, rape is one of the most growing crimes compared to trafficking of the girl child, kidnapping, and murder. In every one hour, two women are raped in India according to the report of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). In 2012, the number of reported rape cases was 24,923 and in the year 2013, it is increased to 33,707. Similarly, crime like eve teasing, molestation, and kidnapping of women are also rising in the country. Acid attack is the cruelest crime against the women. The attackers mainly target the face, neck and head in order to make a woman ugly or blind. Stalking is another dangerous crime, and most of the women are facing this issue every day.

As we know there are lots of crimes against the women, so we need to empower women. It is the duty of all the citizen to take initiative steps and protect the women of our country. Women power line number of Uttar Pradesh has been designed to protect those women, who are being harassed, molested and need protection. They can feel safe by dialing the number 1090 and can share their problems with the Power Angles (Special female police officers).

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