Wednesday, 15 July 2015

How Women Rights is Helpful in Empowering Women?

Many women in India are facing a lot of social discrimination such as domestic violence, sexual harassment's, molestation, etc. Therefore, to protect women the constitution of India had given rights to women so they can protect themselves whenever needed. We need to empower women so that every woman should know their fundamental rights.


The girl children are brutally killed in many parts of India. About 50 million girls are missing from the Indian population because of the termination of the female fetus. Everyday media flashes one or more cases of female infanticide or feticide. According to the report of 2011, in India, the population of the girl child is only 12.9%. The female infanticide in India is because of the gender bias cultural beliefs. The male are respected and given more value than the women in the Indian society. The girl children are considered as the liability by many families. Due to the female infanticide, the female mortality rate is increasing and also causing serve health problems to pregnant women. The maternal death rate is 437 per 100,000 live births, which is mainly caused due to the anemia, abortion, infection, hemorrhage and obstructed labor. A forceful abortion is a crime, and a person can be punished under the Section of 312 and 316 of Indian Penal Code. If abortion is done without the consent of the mother carries the baby.


In rural India, many brides suffer the torture and insults by their in-laws when unable to full fill the dowry demand of the bridegroom’s family. Although, today situations are much more improved but still many cases of bride burning, etc. are reported by the media. According to the statistics of the NCRB, in every 20 minutes one woman is murdered because of the dowry. The government of India prohibited the practice of dowry under specific Indian laws, including, the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 and the Indian Penal Code of Sections 304B and 498A.


Domestic violence is a vicious form of abuse. The domestic violence against women can be physical, psychological or sexual. Women are always exploited and considered vulnerable. The victim of domestic violence is not person specific; it can be anyone, children, women, and aged group of people, disabled, or any other vulnerable people. The domestic and family violence protection Act 2012, people who are the victims of domestic and family violence.


Early marriage affects a child mentally as well as physically and also threatens their lives. Child marriage violates many human rights like education, employment, reproductive rights, etc. The fundamental rights of human and well-being of the children are getting hampered.


Sexual harassment is a violation of women's human rights. Sometimes many women suffer psychological and physical torture because of the harassment.
Many women suffer from the molestation and harassment at the workplace also. Therefore, Indian constitution enforces the law, Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace (Prohibition, prevention, and redressal) Act, on 9 December 2013 for the protection of women.

To empower women and girls Uttar Pradesh Police has started the Women Power Line 1090. The Women Power Line empowers women so that they boldly fight for their rights without tolerating the offenses. Any women or teen girls suffering from the unsocial behavior can immediately inform to the WPL members by dialing the 1090 toll-free number. The members of the WPL do not call the victims to the police station in any case. The victim does not need to write any formal letter or F.I.R. to file a complaint. With an anonymous identity, women and teen girls lodge their complaint. The WPL ensures an immediate safety of women and also maintain the dignity of the women. The calls of the victim are attended by the female constables so that women and girls frankly speak their problem. The 24*7 service of Women Power Line is providing strength to the women and girls. The Women Power Line 1090 is becoming popular among women and girls and also appreciated by many people.


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