Thursday, 9 July 2015

Women Power Line 1090 - Best helpline of girls in UP

Women Power Line 1090

The violation of women’s fundamental rights through violence, humiliation, physical and emotional torture becomes common in the Uttar Pradesh. Every day lot of women are facing the torture, harassment, violence, etc., but still they are tolerating the offences silently. The increasing rate of unsocial behaviours against women is creating a feeling of insecurity among females. Women are facing offences both inside as well as outside their home. To change the scenario, the Uttar Pradesh police started the Women Power Line 1090 to handle the cases of offense against women and ensure immediate protection to the women and girls.

The Women Power Line 1090 is a dedicated service that provides immediate help to the harassed women. Women can register a complaint against the harassment, domestic violence fake calls, internet based harassment and eve-teasing by dialing Women Power line number 1090. To file a complaint, women can dial 1090 number or send a message to the WhatsApp number 9454401090 of the Women Power Line. One can also register complaint online by log into The Smartphone user can use the WPL application, i.e. Shakti app. With the help of the app "Shakti 1090", victims can record audio and video clip and send them to the police control. Women Power Line deals through the SMS and keeps posting their work progress to the victim concerning their complaint. Women Power Line 1090 is connected to the Google maps, through which police easily track the area from where the victim is making a call to report a complaint. Any woman or girl of Uttar Pradesh can easily register the complaint against the crime within the state by using the Women Power Line 1090.

Earlier women hesitated to speak about the violence and humiliation they suffer, which resulted in the increasing rate of offenses in the society. After the launch of WPL service, many women bravely protest against the crime and file a complaint against the accused person. The Women Power Line has women constable who attends the call of the victims and counsels them. Therefore, women and girls do not hesitate to share their problem to the female constable. The female constables of Women Power Line service patiently listens to the problems of the victims and counsel them in a friendly manner.

The efforts taken by Women Power Line are quite efficient in providing the security to the women and girls. The four-digit toll-free number 1090 of the Women Power Line is giving strength to women and girls to fight for their rights. Women Power Line has received about three lakh calls and has resolved more than 2.5 lakh cases. So far, 28,000 complaints of working women, 1, 26,642 complaints from girl students, and about 80,000 of the other ladies have been received. Women Power Line maintains the dignity of the female and provides full security to the victims. The 1090 Women Power Line is giving strength to females to live their life without fear.


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  2. Cheers to this one! Great initiative by Samajwadi Party. It seems Development done under Akhilesh Yadav is finally visible. Samajwadi Party Ideology will surely change the face of Uttar Pradesh.

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