Monday, 25 May 2015

Women Empowerment is an Essential Tool to get the Goal of Development

Women Empowerment

Women empowerment means the creation of a society where women can feel independent and equivalents to men in every field. Discrimination between women and men creates a perception that women are weaker and can't live alone without the support of men. But, women have potential, and their initiative step can change the current status of the society. If women are empowered with the knowledge, they will fully participate in the decision- making and development process at all levels.

Education is the key to the social and economic development. Educated women have the chance for healthier and happier life. When women are educated, they prefer to marry at a later age and have fewer children. An educated woman is more self-confident, knowledge, skills and she wants to be a better parent, women and citizen of a country. According to the survey of United Nations Organization, the under-five mortality rates of India have dropped by 49% between the year 1990 and 2013. Hence, we can say educated women take proper care of their own as well as their family's health issue. By educating women, we can reduce the infant mortality rate and improve the demographic condition of the country. We can also reduce the orthodox thinking of the society through education and knowledge so that women can come forward and actively participate in the development of the country.

When women are economically empowered, they change their economic status as well as the countries in which they live. Economically empowered women generate income and reduce the poverty of the nation. When a woman has money in her hands, husband does not dare to raise his hands on a woman. Therefore, primary as well as higher education is necessary, which will enable the women to earn and become independent. Economically empowered women can participate in the development agendas. At the decision-making level, empowered women can participate in economic decision-making. Therefore, a country can get the benefits from the decision made by women.

Empowerment of women is necessary so that they can boldly protest against the violence that makes them feel harassed and molested. Uttar Pradesh police started women helpline service known as Women Power Line for the protection of distress women. The members of the Women Power Line ensure that the women and teen girls feel more safe and secure. The aim of the Women Power Line is to empower women and generate confidence among them to fight for their rights. Women and girls who are being harassed and facing the problem of crank calls, vulgar messages can immediately seek help from the WPL service. The victims can call to the 1090 Women Power Line number for the help. There is no need for reporting F.I.R., and the most important thing the identity of the women is not disclosed. The victims can seek help from the counselor with an anonymous identity. WPL don’t call the victim to the police station. The members of the WPL assist the victim through the telephone and update their progress to the victim concerning complaints. Since WPL service provide immediate help to the harassed women. Hence, many people are appreciating the work of Women Power Line 1090 and have been the great success in the Uttar Pradesh.

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