Friday, 22 May 2015

Empower & Encourage Women to Fight against Injustices they face

Empower Women

Violence against women and girls is hugely important issue that needs to add our voice to put a stop to it. There are various instances of offense against women go unreported in India because most of the women silently tolerate the torture, harassment, and violence. According to the data released by the National Crime Records Bureau, in 2006, about 19,000 rapes, 36500 molestation, 7500 dowry death cases are reported against women.

In India, many women are facing the various vile attacks silently. The silence of the women makes people believe that they are weak. The women and girls should strongly protest against the crime. The time has come for the women to raise their voice against any kind of antisocial activities. Women and girls should no longer feel that raising voice against their family, friends or strangers, who have been harassing them, will bring shame to her or her family.

We need to promote women through education, skill development, etc. so that they can know their fundamental rights. The prohibition of all forms of violence against women is necessary so that women can actively participate in the social, economic and cultural development of the country.

The violence against women is ruining the life of many women and teen girls. If women do not raise their voice, we cannot able to abolish the discrimination against women. Therefore, the Uttar Pradesh police started the Women Power Line to protest against the crime and to eliminate all the anti-social activity happening in the society. Women hesitate to share their problems related to harassment and violence and also do not want to disclose their identity while filing a complaint. Therefore, Women Power Line provides a platform where any woman or girl can easily share their problem to the woman constable. With an anonymous identity, women can file their complaint and no need of writing any formal letters.

The Power Angles, teen volunteers of Women Power Line encourages the women and girls to come out openly against the miscreants. Power angles of the WPL spread awareness among females and encourage them to speak up against any kind of offense or to stereotype. WPL also provides useful tricks of self-defense through the YouTube channel so that women can utilize them during stressful situations.

The Women Power Line takes strict action against any offenses against women and ensures their safety. The four-digit number (1090) of WPL is providing strength to many women and girls. The Women Power Line is a dedicated service and provides immediate help to the women in distress. The service of the Women Power line is gaining popularity by the girls and women of Uttar Pradesh. Women Power Line empowers women by educating them about their rights, and encourages them to fight against injustices they face.

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