Friday, 15 May 2015

WPL 1090 Efforts to Bring about Positive Change in Women’s Lives

Women Power Line

The Uttar Pradesh police started a dedicated service, Women Power Line 1090, to deal with the crime against women. Women and teen girls are getting benefit from the Women Power Line service. The 24*7 Women Power Line is an efficient service to provide immediate help to the women at the time of the emergency.

According to the data of National Commission Record women (NCRB) 2011, the highest number of complaints of harassment and violence against women is reported from the Uttar Pradesh. Daily media flash the crime against women as domestic violence, sexual harassment, molestation, trafficking, stalking, etc. Therefore, Women Power Line has been started to control the unsocial activities against women happening in the surrounding.

Earlier women hesitate to speak about the violence and humiliation they suffer, which results in the increasing rate of offenses in the society. After the launch of WPL service, many women bravely protest against the crime and file a complaint against the accused person. The 1090 Women Power Line service patiently listens to the problems of the victim and counsel the victim in a friendly manner. The Women Power Line has women constable who attends the calls of the victim and counsels them. Women and girls do not hesitate to share their problem to the female constable.

Women Power Line has volunteers, and they called them 'Power Angles.' The 'Power Angles' protects the girls and women from eve-teasing and harassment. WPL trained the school and college girls to help women and girls from eve-teasing. The 'Power Angles' encourages women and teen girls to register a complaint against the crimes to the WPL. They also advise women and girls that without any fear, they can register their complaint.

The women and girls can lodge a complaint against any unsocial behavior happening in their surroundings immediately. Since, most of the Indian women do not want to involve in the police case. Therefore, WPL system never calls the victim to the police station. The complaints can be registered through phone calls, text messages or online system. To file a complaint, women can dial 1090 number or send a message to the WhatsApp number 9454401090 of the Women Power Line. The members of the WPL remain in touch with the victim until the case is completely resolved.

Smartphone users can lodge their complaint through the "Shakti 1090" app. The victim can record audio and video clip and send them to the police control. The Shakti app designed in such a way that helps in enhancing the safety of the women and teen girls. The Shakti App is one of the fastest and simplest ways to contact the police department during emergencies. The WPL system is also connected to Google maps, so the police can easily track the location from where the victim is reporting. The service has more than 100,000 satisfied clients, and such arrangements must be further nurtured. The efforts taken by Women Power Line are quite efficient in providing the security to the women and girls. The four-digit toll-number 1090 of the Women Power Line is giving strength to women and girls to fight for their rights.

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