Saturday, 9 May 2015

Cyber Insecurities in a Developing Society

Empower Women

Cyber crime is a new form of harassment against women and girls by using World Wide Web. Women and teen girls are more prone to the victimization of the cyber crime. Studies show that every day about 10% women are harassed through unwanted e-mails, messages, photos, etc.

Victimizing women and girls by making their fake profiles without their consent in the cyberspace are now increasing day by day. The lack of knowledge of privacy protection, internet viruses, etc. among the girls and women is also one of the reasons for the increasing crime. The statistics show women are mainly exploited via social networking sites, emails, online chat rooms, blogs, etc. The identity of many women is misused in the cyber crime. Now a days, multiple incident are being traced related to cyber crime. The attempt of doing such activities are offensive by paying very less, but at the same time considered as a shameful step taken by the youth of our nation towards spoiling dignity of women. Some people are misusing the availability of free emails, messages, etc.

There are many adverse impacts of cyber crime on the women and teen girls. The research shows that victims suffer from depression, anxiety, guilt, self-blame, embarrassment, frustration, etc. Women and girls who are harassed by the cyber crime avoid social gathering, want to live alone, etc. Some victims move to new place, change their name, mobile number or even their appearance.

A hugely popular service of Uttar Pradesh known as Women Power Line 1090 started for the protection of women. The Women Power Line service provides help to women who are being harassed by the stalkers, web-based provocations, pesky callers, etc. Women and girls can report their complaint against the stalkers. The female constables of the Women Power Line attend the call of the victims, and the male counselors provide safety from the accused person. The members of the WPL do not call the victims to the police station in any case and update their work progress through text messages or call concerning their complaints.

Women or girls who are harassed and molested them often try to hide their problems and silently ignore them. If the teen girls share the problem with their parents, they also advise them to ignore silently the offenses. A certain mass of people believes that, eve-teasing, flirting, cyber crime, etc. are a common practice of teen boys and every girl face in the young age. Due to the orthodox thinking of people, girls are suffering the torture and ignoring the antisocial activity happening in their surroundings. We need to empower women so that women can raise their voice against the miscreants that they are silently ignoring. The Women Power Line empowers women and so that they can boldly fight for their rights. The female constable of the Women Power Line, calmly listen to the problem of the victims and ensures them safety. Therefore, women and girls who are being harassed can call to the 1090 toll-free number of the Women Power Line and share their problems to the female constable without any hesitation. As WPL do not call the victim to the police station and the complaint can be registered by an anonymous identity, so the victims easily share their problems to the female constables. The Women Power Line is a gift for the women who protects them and provides safety at the time of emergency.

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