Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Ensuring Workplace Safety: A Key Element of Women's Economic Empowerment

Women Empowerment in India, Economic Empowerment

Today’s women are contributing to many of the working sectors and help in the economic development of the country. Women are ready to accept challenges and very gracefully handle their role and responsibilities.

Working women are more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation than men. Many women faced the physical and psychological consequences in the workplace. Workplace harassment may be sexual, religion, racial, gender biased, national origin, etc. In many organizations, women who are working late hours in the office are facing the sexual harassment in the workplace or while traveling home. According to the labor laws, the duty of a female worker is limited to 42 hours a week. However, at many organizations female workers are forced to work more than 90 hours a week. While extra working time women do not get the social security, transportation safety and other essential facilities. Therefore, due to the lack of safety, and security many women are harassed and molested in the workplace.

Women and girls should complaint immediately to the organization authorities if they are being harassed and molested in the workplace. The organizations should provide a healthy working environment inside the workplace, and safe transport facilities should be provided to women so that crime against women can be controlled.

For the women empowerment, the Uttar Pradesh police started the Women Power Line number 1090 for the safety of troubled or harassed women. The Women Power Line 1090 service helps those women who require any assist in the emergency. The victims can call to the 1090 Women Power Line number for the help. There is no need for reporting F.I.R., and the most important thing the identity of the women is not disclosed. The victims can seek help from the counselor with an anonymous identity. WPL don't call the victim to the police station, they assist the victim through telephone and update their progress to the victim concerning complaints. One can send a message to the WhatApp number 9454401090 of the Women Power Line. The audio or video file can also be attached and send to the WPL members.

WPL attended 3lakh calls and satisfied more than 2.5lakh victims through the call. The Women Power Line members remain in touch with the victim until the case is completely resolved. The member of WPL aims at addressing the problems of victims till their satisfaction. The helpline number 1090 provided by the super cops of Uttar Pradesh is a one state number for the protection of women so they can live their life without any fear.

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