Monday, 11 May 2015

Reservation for Women Making Whole Concept of Women Empowerment Weak?

The concept and objective of women reservation are to uplift the women of underprivileged classes. Reservation creates discrimination, but the intention here is good, and the motive is to empower women of backward classes so that they can get equal chance to prove their abilities. There is no second opinion on the improved status of women compared to past. Whereas, an absolute mass of women are still deprived of their basic rights. Therefore, reservation for women is a nice approach to raising the women of weaker section of the society.

The reservation for women will encourage women morally, financially, and opportunity wise, so that they can come forward to show their creative ideas. The theories have also proved that women reservation is a great way to improve the economic condition of the weaker section by eliminating the poverty. Through reservation, women who are socially neglected, suppressed because of the traditional beliefs and cultures are now empowered and getting the equal benefit of the society. The Government of India has proposed 33% reservation for women in the parliament to hand over more power to female so that women empowerment can be implemented at ground level.

In the country like India, gender disparity still exists. Therefore, many women are deprived of their privileges, so they need the reservation. But, when both male and female are born equal why the disparity exists and why women need the reservation? We should not believe women are inferior to men in any way; instead women have the equal right to speak, express, and equality. Such reservation will weaken the society in another way. If women empowerment is the primary objective behind the reservation, then we need to focus more on providing basic education to girls and women, especially in the rural areas. Many women and girls are unable to get the basic education because of the lack of facilities in different parts of India. More than a women's reservation, we need a cultural and traditional change in the society so that women can get respect and can live their life without fear.

The reservation for women will not reduce the violence against women or the sick attitude of men towards women. Those people who commit crimes like rape, bride burning, honor killing, etc. have no fear of the law. Hence, we need strict rules and laws to be enforced to put an end to the violence against women. The reservation is one form of barrier in the development of our country because we are also promoting the women in various aspects on the basis of reservation, and not by their capability. So, in such scenario how women will become equal to men. Therefore, we need a society where women can show their potential through their ability not through the reservation.

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