Monday, 11 May 2015

Women Empowerment to improve the Equality of Career Opportunities for Women

Women Empowerment

Today many women are actively participating in the workforce. With their sincerity and hard work, they are proving themselves in every sector of professions. Women are considered to be more efficient, honest and meticulous. Hence, many organizations prefer hiring female for better performance and results.

The participation of women at the workplace in rural areas is more than the urban areas. But, in rural India most of the women get the fewer wages than men. According to the 1991 World Bank Report, about 55% to 66% of the total women’s labors are contributed in the farm production. About 94% of women are involved in the dairy production in India.

Though the female literacy rate is increasing than male literacy rate in India still, many girls are uneducated in rural areas. We need to encourage rural women and girls for education in order to improve the career opportunities. According to the 1998 report of the U.S. Department of commerce, the main obstacles to female education in India are the lack of schools and colleges facilities (such as sanitation facilities), shortage of female teachers, etc. Educated women establish small scale business so that they become self-dependent and self-reliance. Establishment of the microenterprise by the women is an effective tool for the economic and social development of the society. It provides employment to the number of women. Micro-enterprise is beneficial for the rural women so that they provide a better livelihood for their family.

There are many career opportunities for rural women like sewing clothes, handicrafts, carpet making, etc. One of the famous female business success stories is the Shri Mahila Udyog Lijat Papad. The seaweed farming is the best option of generating income for the women of coastal areas. Without spending much money one can start the seaweed farming. Fishing is a popular traditional industry of rural coastal India which can start easily. Another career opportunity for the rural coastal women are the selling of coconut and coconut products (like coconut oil, milk, cream, sweets, coconut shell charcoal, etc.)

Working women have to face so many challenges in the workplace as well as in the home. One of the main problems is the socio-cultural barriers. Women's family is sometimes not supportive and makes many obligations that make women de-motivated. The family member should encourage women so that they can efficiently manage the home and business in a balanced way. Many researchers have concluded that women became the victim of domestic violence because they earn more than their husband. Therefore, the Uttar Pradesh police started the 1090 Women Power Line service to answer all the criminal problems occurring in the modern Indian society. The Women Power Line empowers women so that they boldly fight for their rights without tolerating the offenses. Any women or teen girls suffering from the unsocial behavior can immediately inform to the WPL members by dialing the 1090 toll-free number. The members of the WPL do not call the victim to the police station in any case. The victim does not need to write any formal letter or F.I.R. to file a complaint. With an anonymous identity, women and teen girls lodge their complaint. The WPL ensures an immediate safety of women and also maintain the dignity of the women. The calls of the victim are attended by the female constables so that women and girls frankly speak their problem. The 24*7 service of Women Power Line is providing strength to the women and girls. The Women Power Line 1090 is becoming popular among women and girls and also appreciated by many people.

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