Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Intake of Alcohol & Drugs Causing Violence against Women

Women Power Line

A prevalent thinking in our society about domestic violence is that intake of alcohol is the primary cause of domestic abuse. No doubt, many of the crimes occur because of the consumption of alcohol and other drugs. But, some people do not believe that alcohol causes violence against women; because it is not necessary when a man drinks he will commit a violent act.

Alcohol is not always the reason for domestic violence. The role of alcohol in violence depends on drinking context, the relationship between the victim and the perpetrator, etc. If a man with a short temper nature has taken enough alcohol, so his blood alcohol concentration is over the limit. Hence, he will be more likely to direct his anger and will be responsible to cause domestic violence. Sometimes, the intake of alcohol by the perpetrator can lead to the violence because a person loses his/her inhibition and control on impulse. Women who intake alcohol also put themselves at a risk of becoming a victim. Alcohol addicted women can also act in an abusive way because of the loss of control of temper.

According to the survey done by the Tennessee Association of Alcohol, Drug and other Addiction, financial pressure, low status in the society, stress, etc. are the reasons of domestic violence that is generally caused when the perpetrator has taken alcohol or other drugs.

Often the domestic violence is caused by the excessive drinking that makes the situation more violent and also increases the severity of abusive incidence. According to the Women's Rural Advocacy Program, women and children are the worst suffers from the domestic violence. The children who faced the domestic violence affect them in a number of negative ways. About 25-50% of the domestic violence is caused due to the excessive drinking as per the survey done by Tennessee Association of Alcohol, Drug, and other Addiction.

Researchers have concluded that the victims of domestic violence are mainly from the rural areas. However, many report that shows, the evil practice of domestic violence in cities and metros is also not less. Many families or women who faced the domestic violence are affected severely both physically and mentally. The heinous practice of domestic violence results in many adverse effects. Women attempt suicide, use drugs, exhibit violent behaviors, etc. Women and girls who are being harassed and facing torture can immediately seek help from the Women Power Line service of the Uttar Pradesh.

Women Power Line 1090 is an initiative of UP police for empowering women. The victim can easily register a complaint against harassment they face, without coming to the police station. The Uttar Pradesh government gifted a power line number exclusively for women facing the problem of crank calls, vulgar messages, stalking, humiliation and domestic violence. Women Power Line provides a platform for the women to share their problem without hesitation and fear. The complaint calls of females are attended by women and girls so that they feel comfortable while speaking to the member of WPL about their problems. The unique thing about the Women Power Line system is its four-digit number 1090. One can easily remember and dial the number even in the haste. WPL have personal security mobile app and services for the safety of the women and teen girls. With the help of the app "Shakti 1090", a victim can record audio and video clip and send them to the police control. The police departments then quickly identify the location of the victim. One of the fastest emerging tools to check crime against women is WhatsApp number of WPL, 9454401090. Women Power Line is contributing to the women empowerment and also ensures that they feel safe and secure.

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