Saturday, 9 May 2015

Women Empowerment is Necessary for Social Equality

 Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is necessary to expand women's ability and also for the social equality. Even in the 21st-century gender inequality exists which is the major hurdle in achieving the goal of the development.

Education is a basic human right, but most of the women and girls are deprived of the educational rights. According to the Indian constitution, every girl and boys have equal rights to attend the school from the age of six through fourteen. But, still most of the girls of rural sectors do not attend the school because of the traditional orthodox religious and cultural beliefs. According to the 2011 census, the literacy rate of women (65.46%) lags behind the literacy rate of men (82.14%) The lack of education among the women and girls leads to the poverty, ill health, exploitation, etc. Awareness programs should be organized to encourage women in the education. Parents should also encourage and know the importance of the education so that they will send their daughters to the school. The facilities like proper sanitation, drinking water, safe transport, etc. should be provided to the girls. Hence, parents can send their daughters to school without worrying about them. Another reason for such a low literacy rate of women is the lack of high school and good colleges in the rural sectors. Parents of the tribal sector do not send their daughters to cities and metros to complete their studies. Studies show that, about 31% of rural girls do not able to complete their studies because of the lack of high schools and college institutions in the villages.

Inadequate health care during the pregnancy is another issue where women are neglected. The lack of proper knowledge about the prenatal care is one of the reasons of the increasing mortality rate in India. Training programs should be organized to educate the mothers about prenatal care. We can reduce the risk during the pregnancy of women by empowering them with the knowledge of antenatal and parental care. Empowering women through the knowledge of proper nutrition and health care can create a healthy environment in the society.

When women are economically empowered they not only generate the income, but also participate in the decision-making that results in the overall empowerment of the women. According to the statistics of women in India 2010, about 9.42% women are at the workplace in the urban areas, whereas 16.65% women are working in the rural women. According to the data, in the rural areas there are more women workers. Many women in the rural sector do not get the wages equal to men. According to the Equal Remuneration Act, 1976 passed by the constitution of India, every woman has rights to get the equal payment for equal work. The women in the urban sector actively participate in the economic activity. But, a certain population of women still does not able to join the organizations because of the family commitments. Some people deter their wives, sisters, daughters, etc. to join any organization because of the molestation of women in the workplace. The organizations should provide safety of women in the workplace as well as while traveling for the company and home.

The violence, harassment and molestation against women in the society are increasing day by day. Therefore, to handle the antisocial activity, the Uttar Pradesh police started the Women Power Line 1090. The unique service of Women Power Line handles the case of offense against women and ensures immediate protection to the women and girls. Women can register a complaint against fake and annoying calls, domestic violence and harassment in public places. The Women Power Line number 1090 is for empowering the women at the time of emergency. The Women Power Line provides immediate help; therefore, the victim does not need to register F.I.R. or any formal letter for the further process of the police department. The success rate of the Women Power Line is 99%, whereas the conviction rate in the courts is only 4%. WPL do not involve the court in solving the cases of harassment. The members of WPL aims at resolving the problems of victims till their satisfaction.

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