Saturday, 16 May 2015

Is Empowering Women the Best Way to Empower a Nation?

Empowering Women

Empowering women is the need for present day scenario. Empowering women mean providing power to women and encouraging them to lead a successful and prosperous life. If women are educated and enlightened about everything they can take the family forward economically, socially and morally. Therefore, to empower a nation, we need to empower women.

Education plays a crucial role in providing a range of benefits to women in the field of politics, entrepreneurship, health, science and technology, etc. Education is the fundamental rights of very human being. Through education, we can eliminate the gender bias discrimination from the society. Many women and girls do not complete their higher education due to the lack of good colleges in the rural areas. The Govt. of India should emphasis on higher education of the girls so that every girl of a rural sector can get the higher education. If women get the higher education, the society can obtain a wide range of economic, political and other lifelong benefits.

Educated women can generate income and contribute to the economic development of the country. When women are economically empowered, they would be able to participate in the development agendas of the country. Increasing the participation of women in the economy of a country would help in reducing the financial crisis. By including women and girls into the employment market, they can get more opportunities to prove their capabilities.

In India, violence against women is bursting. Many women suffer from the domestic violence, beaten, tortured and killed. It is common in rural areas, but it is also happening in cities, towns, and metropolitans. According to United Nations Population Fund Report, about two third of the married women are the victim of the domestic violence. More than 70% of women between the age of 15 to 49 are the victim of the rape, dowry death, domestic violence, etc. In India, about 55% of women are the victims of domestic violence. The victims of the domestic violence are mainly from the states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Haryana.

Women empowerment is necessary so that women can strongly protest against any kind of unsocial activities. A service started by the Uttar Pradesh police, Women Power Line, to provide security to the women at the time of emergency and empower them to fight for their rights instead of ignoring them. Distress women can call on the number 1090 from any part of the state. To lodge a complaint, police do not call the victim to the police station; they can just call the Women Power Line 1090 number and seek immediate help from the police.

The Women Power Line educates women about the modern technology like mobile phones, internet, etc. so that they can immediately contact the WPL members during the emergency. Women Power Line also contributes towards the economic empowerment of women. The members of the WPL recruit a batch of female-fresher from the college for their women constables. WPL managing authority trained them to counsel the victims and criminals. They are also taught to speak English and learned to operate the computer before joining in the WPL. The Women Power Line service is not only providing security to the women, but also empowering them economically for their better future.

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