Wednesday, 25 March 2015

1090 - A Dedicated Power Line Number for Harassed Women

1090 Women Power Line

Every day about millions of females worldwide experiences the humiliation and violence. The offence against women affects every economic and social class of the society. Domestic violence, rape, acid attack, and female foeticide all these crime are showing the exploitation of humanism.

In India, women have very strict rules in terms of education, employment, and decision-making. Every day lots of women are facing the torture, harassment, violence, etc., but still they are tolerating the offences silently. We need to empower women so that they can freely speak for their rights. The societies need to provide help to the women in distress rather them ignoring or boycotting from the communities.

Women are facing offences both inside as well as outside their home. Women in our society are not feeling secure due to the increasing rate of unsocial behaviors against them. According to the National Crime Records Bureau of India, in every three minutes, a crime against the woman occurs. The reports of offences against women in India such as harassment, rape, domestic violence, abduction, dowry death, etc., increased by 26.7% in 2013 compared to the year 2012.

The Women Power Line 1090 is a dedicated service that provides immediate help to the harassed women. Women can register a complaint against the harassment, domestic violence fake calls, internet based harassment and eve-teasing by dialing Women Power line number 1090. Empowering women is necessary for the growth of the society. We need to empower women so that they bravely come forward and fight against the harassment they face. Women hesitate to speak about the violence and humiliation they suffer, which results in the increasing rate of offences in the society. If women tolerate the offence, we cannot be able to put an end to the harassment. Therefore, the Women Power Line 1090 provides a platform to the women, where they can easily speak their problems without any hesitation. The women and girls can lodge a complaint against any unsocial behavior happening in their surroundings immediately. To file a complaint, women can dial 1090 number or send a message to the WhatsApp number 9454401090 of the Women Power Line.

Women Power Line is an efficient service to check the crime against the women. The harassed women get immediate help from the Women Power Line. WPL has given the responsibility to the women counselors so that a girl or woman can quickly speak their problem without any hesitation. The unique thing about the Women Power Line is that they do not call the victim to the police station, and they update their work through the telephone concerning their complaint. WPL do not disclose the identity of the victim. The WPL does not need any F.I.R. or formal written letter to take the action against the crime. The WPL members counsel the offenders and warn the accused person to stop the harassment forthwith. If the person repeats the same action, WPL takes the legal step against them. The WPL service is a gift to the women and teen girls, who were tolerating the harassment every day.

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