Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Beneficial Elements of Women Power Line 1090

Women Power Line 1090

From centuries, women have been tolerating and suffering the violence and crime against them. Every day about thousands of complaint is reported for the crime against the women. The lack of strict government action against the offense is responsible for the increasing violence in the country. In the Indian society, women suffer the humiliation and violence both inside and outside the house. Therefore, the Uttar Pradesh police have started a service, Women Power Line 1090 to help the women and girls who are harassed by eve-teasers, stalkers, abusive, and vulgar callers.

The Women Power Line is a 24*7 service and provides protection to the women whenever they need. The victims can dial 1090 Women Power Line number to register a complaint, and the members of WPL will immediately take action for providing safety of a woman. The four-digit number (1090) is the best thing in WPL service, so at the time of emergency one can easily remember and dial even in the haste. In every police station, the policemen ask to report F.I.R. from the victim to proceeds the case ahead. After registering the complaint by a woman, police take legal action and involve court for a judicial proceeding of the case, making it so lengthy process. To avoid all these legal action Women Power Line has started the service for providing an immediate justice to the victim. The victim does not need any F.I.R. or formal written complaint to the crime like harassment. Crime like eve-teasing, stalking, molestation is the social menace and not a criminal offense. So, these cases are to be dealt in such a way that people feel fear for attempting any crime against women.

Whenever any girl and women suffer from the humiliation or violence against them, she tolerates and ignores it. The orthodox beliefs of our society believe that these issues are common with the females. Therefore, they advise women to ignore and not to share with anyone. Most of the parents advise their daughter to avoid teasing of boys and never indulge in their arguments. Thus, girls and women tolerate the harassment and ignore the crime against them instead of fighting. The parents should teach their daughter to fight against the offense instead of silently ignoring them. Ignorance and fear of the victim are the cause of the increasing heinous crimes in the society.

People do not want to involve in police and court cases, so it is advised to girls and women to ignore the offence. Women Power Line is designed focusing all these points so that women can seek help without disclosing their identity, even to the parents of the victim. The members of WPL do not call the victims to the police station. They deal with the victim through the telephone and keep posted their work progress to the victim concerning their registered complaint. The most of the members of the WPL are the female member so that women can feel comfortable while sharing their problem to the female counselors. The Women Power Line service is for the women by the women. Uttar Pradesh police had gifted the Women Power Line 1090 number for making them more secure and safe outside the house as well as inside the house.

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