Monday, 2 March 2015

Helpline against Cruelty on Women

Women Power Line 1090

Cruelty and crime against the women are preventable if adequate efforts can be taken in the field of education, strictness in the laws of government, controlling the abusive behavior of males towards females. These issues can reduce the cruelty towards women and empowers in the development of our country.

The societies need to provide support to the victims rather them boycotting from the communities. The support should not confine to the victims but also to her family. It is seen that, if a girl is raped, the society boycotts the victim along with her family. Communities need to provide moral support so that they feel courage and supportive to fight against the crime.

Every day about millions of females worldwide experiences the crime and violence. This abuse covers every economic and social class of the society, as well as women of every race and religion. Domestic violence, rape, acid attack, and female foeticide all these crime are showing the exploitation of humanism.

In India, women have very strict rules in terms of education, employment, and decision-making. Women are facing crime both inside as well as outside their home. According to the National Crime Records Bureau of India, in every three minutes, a crime against the woman is committed. In 2011, there were a total of 228,650 incidents reported for the offence against women and despite of decreasing this issue, it increases to 244,270 in the next year i.e. in 2012.

About 76% of the Indian men believe that women should tolerate the violence, ignore the crime to avoid any further disputes and 10% of the rural men think women sometimes deserve to be beaten by their husband or in-laws. It is most horrifying fact, most of the criminals are known to the victims. According to the NCRB, 31,807 were familiar to the victims that include relatives (2315), neighbors (10,782) and parents (539). Most of the victims are of between 18-30 years (15556) of age and 14-18years (8,877). In India, there are about 70% women are the victims of the domestic violence. The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 is an effective measure taken by the government of India, in spite of this, in every 9 minute, a case of domestic violence and cruelty against the humanism is committed.

If the demand of dowry is not met, cases like dowry death and bride burning are common in the rural society of India. However, the statics shows that the dowry death records have decreased from the year 2011 (8618) to 2012 (8233). About 72% of acid attacks have involved the females of the society. Acid attacks are the violent assault mainly targeted the face of the victim in order to make blind, maim or kill. 34% of acid attacks are because of the marriage rejection or the refusal of love proposals. 20% of the acid attacks are related to the property, land or business disputes.

Women's powerline number is the new service started by Uttar Pradesh super cops for women of Uttar Pradesh. If women are harassed either mentally or physically, they can register the complaint by using the Women Power Line number '1090' in Uttar Pradesh. Many women are tolerating the violence, humiliation and crimes against them. But, now scenario are changed no woman will ignore the crime against them. The Women Power Line, operated by the super cops of Uttar Pradesh to provide protection to the women and teenage girls who are facing eve teasing and stalking every day. The females can keep their identity anonymous and call to the police for the help at the time of emergency. The members of the WPL are mainly females so that a victim can share her problem without any hesitation. This service is primarily for the women by the women.

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  1. Thank you for writing articles on such vitally important topics! Women shouldn't suffer from violence in modern world! Domestic violence should end by divorce and not last forever like in many families. We need to educate against using violence. Victims cannot plan their own rescue alone.