Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Women Empowerment through Employment Opportunities

Women Empowerment

Empowering women economically are necessary for the sustainable growth of the country. Women face many challenges in several areas like employment, property rights and education. No doubt, women have contributed a lot in every field and made our nation feel proud many times, but still they are lagging behind with respect to the men. The gender inequality creates a wide gap between men and women, which leads to less participation of women in the workplace. The gender bias is starts from the birth, which results in the decreasing sex ratio. In India, the sex ratio is 100 females for every 108 males. The difference showing in the sex ratio is because of the female foeticide. If we see, all the evils of the society are related to each other. The lack of knowledge and education is the cause of the backwardness of the people. We need to focus on these social evils of the society for the women empowerment. An educated woman can earn, take proper care of her family and teach her children. According to the Census of India 2011, the literacy rate of the female is 65.46 whereas men are 82.14. In the rural areas of India, girls do not get the higher education and get married in the early age.

According to the Census 2011, 25.51% of women are at the workplace out of the 39.79% workers of the total population. In the rural sector, many women are working in the home-based industries, like agarbatti making, weaving, stitching clothes, making handicrafts, etc. About one-third of the women are working in the agriculture field, but they get 30% lesser wages as compared to the men.

In cities, women are highly willing for the job opportunities, want to live an independent life, and they can work outside the house. Women of urban sector do not wish to depend on the men for any problem. It is also true, working women are at a higher risk of humiliation, molestation, violence, etc. Every day a large number of women are facing the offence like rape, eve-teasing while coming from the workplace in the evening. Sometimes, women are molested and harassed at the workplace as well. The lack of strict government rules is responsible for the crime against women is increasing day by day. Women Power Line 1090, started by the government of Uttar Pradesh to provide a practical solution so that the accused boy can be immediately warned and punished. Women Power Line counselor warns the accused boy to stop the harassment forthwith. If the boy does not prevent harassment against women, the police department does not issue any legal certificate like passport, driving license, etc. in which verification of police is mandatory.

Our society feels, women are the weak and inferior element of the earth and do not raise voice on the offence against women. Women tolerate the humiliation and violence silently that is responsible for increasing violence in the society. We need to empower women so that they can bravely fight for their rights and the unsocial behavior against them. WomenPower Line encourages those women who fight for their rights and crimes against them. Women, who are harassed, molested and need help; they can make the complaint against the offence. The members of WPL will immediately take action against the violence and harassment to provide better protection to the women. Women can make the complaint without disclosing their name, and can sort out their problems without coming to the police station just by dialing the number 1090. The helpline number 1090 provided by the super cops of Uttar Pradesh is a one state number for the protection of women so they can live their life without any fear.

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