Tuesday, 17 March 2015

1090 – Protection for women from Domestic violence

Empowerment of Women

Domestic violence against women is not a new issue; it is a common and every old phenomenon that women are tolerating silently. Women are always exploited and considered vulnerable. Due to the patriarchal system of India, male always oppress them and therefore they become the victim of physical violence, emotional abuse, sexual assault, etc. Although the image of women are portrayed with the Goddess Durga and Laxmi, but still they are facing the torture in the society. The victim of domestic violence is not person specific; it can be anyone, children, women, and aged group of people, disabled, or any other vulnerable people. The violence against women manifests in different forms like female foeticide, child marriage, honour-killing, physical aggression like hitting, sexual abuse, stalking, etc.

There are many reasons for the unsocial behavior of men that women have to face. Drug addiction is one of the main reasons for the violent behavior of men against women and children. Sometimes poverty becomes the reason, men became aggressive and violent when they unable to full fill the requirement of family and it leads to the domestic violence against women.

According to the survey, the victims of domestic violence are mainly from the rural areas. However, many report that shows, the evil practice of domestic violence in cities and metros is also not less. Nearly 70% of married women between the age of 15 and 49 years had faced rape in India. Women suffer humiliation and molestation in many fields. Still in the 21st century they are not considered equal to men and discriminated in many ways. According to the survey of UN Development Program, every year about 430 to 450 female fetuses is aborted. The result of female feticide leads to the decline in the sex ratio. Women face many challenges, like violence, harassment, and torture not only inside the house but also outside the house. The evil practice of domestic violence results in many adverse effects. Women attempt suicide, use drugs, exhibit violent behaviors, etc.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the first Indian leader who raised his voice for the women's rights. Many changes were done in the society because of the effective approach taken by Raja Ram Mohan Roy. The Child marriage, Sati practice was abolished, and widow women were encouraged for the remarriage. In India, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand are the chief states where women are the worst sufferers of the domestic violence. Many women are mercilessly burnt in the name of dowry demand, killed in honour-killing and many other offences which became the headline of the daily newspaper. We need to raise voice against the unsocial behavior that women are facing every day. UP police had taken the initiative and started WPL service for the empowerment of women and protect them from the crime. They educate women to use the modern technology and avail the WPL service at the time of emergency. The women can dial the number 1090, or use Shakti app, or message in WhatsApp to lodge their complaint. WPL member's counsel the victim and ensures them they are safe and secure. 1090 Women Power Line service has only women constable who attends the call of women and girls, so they can easily share their problems without any hesitation. UP police effectively deal with the harassment against women and also contribute to the women empowerment.


  1. That article was amazing. I am very much impressed with your thoughts. I got the best information from this site of the blog. It’s very useful to all and us. I am working for women empowerment in madhya pradesh to provide legal right to women and protect them from Domestic violence.

  2. Thank you so much for spreading information as to the domestic violence. This topic shouldn't be a taboo and people must be aware what is happening around them! Some men believe they have the right to control their spouse, and believe it is acceptable to use violence to exert this control. Isn't it frightening?