Saturday, 14 March 2015

Women Power Line

Women Power Line 1090

Women Power Line 1090 is a 24*7 service started for helping teen girls and women from harassment. It is unfortunate, but known fact that girls and women do not feel safe anymore in our society, and that's exactly, is the reason Uttar Pradesh government started the service 1090 Women Power Line. The aim of the Women Power Line is to provide security and help the women, who have been the victims of the harassment. Uttar Pradesh was the first state in the country to start such a system to provide safety for the women. The idea of the Women Power Line came from the news of the ragging that used to take place in the colleges and university. The harassment is like the same thing as the ragging inside the college campus. It took ten years to stop the raging. So, if ragging can be stopped then harassment can also be stopped, may it take 20 more years, but we can put an end to it. Therefore, Women Power Line has taken practical steps to fight against the crime likes harassment and violence. The members of WPL are mostly women, who attend the calls of the victim so that the women or girls can freely share their problems to the constables. The WPL members counsel the offenders and warn the accused person to stop the harassment forthwith. If the person repeats the same action, WPL takes the legal action against them. About 3lakh calls are received, and WPL has satisfied more than 2.5lakh attended calls. About 95% cases are resolved right away and the rest 5% are forwarded for the further process in the Crime Branch section of the UP Police.

For the better security of women, Uttar Pradesh police had given a Women Power Line number for helping women in distress. The harassed women can register a complaint against the fake and annoying calls, SMS, stalkers and domestic violence. In our society, whenever any girl or women suffer from humiliation or violence against them, society encourages her to ignore it instead of fighting against it. The orthodox beliefs of our society believe that these issues are common with the females. Therefore, they advise women to ignore and not to share with anyone. Thus, women silently tolerate the crime. Ignorance of crime by the women is responsible for increasing crime in the society. The communities should support the victim as well as her family so that they can get courage to fight against the crime. Sometimes, it is seen that if a girl is raped, the society boycott the victim along with her family instead of supporting them. Thus, women tolerate harassment and ignore the crime silently. People do not want to involve in the police case or court system so they advise women and girls to ignore the crimes against them. Women Power Line 1090 is designed focusing all these points so that women can easily register complaint against the offense such as harassment or domestic violence. WPL has given the responsibility to the women counselors so that a girl or woman can quickly speak their problem without any hesitation. The unique thing about the Women Power Line is that they do not call the victim to the police station, and they update their work through the telephone concerning their complaint. WPL do not disclose the identity of the victim.

Women Power Line 1090 is connected to the Google maps, through which police easily track the area from where the victim is making a call to report a complaint. Any woman or girl of Uttar Pradesh can easily register the complaint against the crime within the state by using the Women Power Line 1090. It is a four-digit one state number (1090), which is easy to remember, so that the victim can dial immediately even in the haste. The WPL does not need any F.I.R. or formal written letter to take the action against the crime.

There are about more than 50 workstations of Women Power Line to provide instant service to the women for their safety. Each and every workstation of the WPL is technically equipped to track all the records automatically. Mr. Navneit Sekera, IG UP Police, is associated with the WPL project since beginning. The members of WPL under the guidance of Mr. Sekera adequately deal with the crime against women and ensure that they feel more secure. The WPL service is a gift to the women and teen girls, who were tolerating the harassment every day. Many women and men appreciate the work of the Women Power Line.


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