Friday, 13 March 2015

Success of Women Power Line – 1090

Women Power Line 1090

Women Power Line 1090 service is operated by the Uttar Pradesh Police to provide security to the women in distress. Women and girls who are being harassed and facing problem of crank calls, vulgar messages can immediately seek help from the WPL service. They can easily share their anguish to the women constables of the WPL. Earlier women were feeling unsafe while coming out of the house. They always had the apprehension that somebody is stalking them. Therefore, Women Power Line designed to handle instances of harassment, stalking, and humiliation so that women can feel safe and secure wherever they go.

According to the NCRB, the number of complaints regarding the harassment and humiliation are highest in Uttar Pradesh. In the year 2012, the total number of the crimes reported were 33,824, including 4,966 murders and 2,000 rapes. Every day many women are suffering from the harassment and humiliation. Women Power Line is started to put an end to the crimes against women. They also encourage women to fight against the violence that they are facing every day. If women ignore the humiliation, they are facing, and then they will have always to suffer the evil practice of our society. WPL empowers women so that they can fight against the crimes they are silently suffering.

Women Power Line has received about three lakh calls and has resolved more than 2.5 lakh cases. So far, 28,000 complaints of working women, 1, 26,642 complaints from girl students, and about 80,000 of other ladies have been received. It is a 24hours service, women can call anytime and from any part of the Uttar Pradesh at the time of emergency. Women hesitate to share their problem with their family members, so they ignore the crime silently. Therefore, women power line provides a platform for the women so that they can speak their problem without hesitation to the women counselor to seek help. They can quickly register their complaint without coming to the police station and without disclosing their name. In every police station, victim has to register the F.I.R. for the further process of the police department, but WPL does not need any formal letters. The success rate of Women Power Line is 99% whereas the conviction rate in the courts is only 4%. WPL do not involve court in solving the cases of harassment and provide immediate help to the victim. Women power Line is like, a power given to the women by the Uttar Pradesh police to fight against the crimes. The WPL service is appreciated by many people and has been the great success in the Uttar Pradesh.

To popularize Women Power Line, we need to encourage women to speak freely the crime they are tolerating every day. We will not only provide a security to women but also a better society. The volunteers of WPL also create awareness at the school, colleges, and villages between the women and teen girls to avoid tolerating the crime and bravely fight against them. Through print, electronic and social media, we can popularize the service. Therefore, all the girls and women of the Uttar Pradesh must know they can get the immediate help from the Women Power Line 1090 service at the time of emergency.

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