Monday, 30 March 2015

Women Power Line 1090 Spreading Fearless Smiles in UP

Women Power Line 1090

In India, the violation of women's fundamental rights through humiliation, violence, physical and emotional torture has become common. In our society, violence against women is bursting. Many women suffer from the domestic violence, beaten, tortured and killed. In the tribal belts, the issue regarding harassment and violence are common, but it is also happening in cities, towns, and metropolitans.

Uttar Pradesh police started Women Power Line 1090 number, especially for harassed women. The power line number 1090 is for empowering women in case of emergency. Women and girls of Uttar Pradesh, who are often facing the stalking, molestation, violence, etc. are now raising their voice and fight against the crime because of the Women Power Line. Unique features of the Women Power Line 1090 were encouraging the women and girls to fight against the offences. The women and the teen girls in Uttar Pradesh can access the Women Power Line service from anywhere in the state and file their complaints. The trained force of women constable attends the call of the victim and ensures their full protection at the time of emergency.

During emergency, the Women Power Line service ensures the safety of the women. Women Power Line empowers women and encourages those women who fight against the harassment and humiliation they face. The Power Angles of the Women Power Line (teen girl volunteers of WPL) empower women. They educate the rural women and girls, for using mobile phones, so that they can contact the police at the time of emergency. Women Power Line creates awareness for the women empowerment and provides protection to the women and girls at the time of emergency. The Power Angles of the Women Power Line motivate women and girls to inform the Women Power Line service immediately about any unsocial behavior they are facing.

WPL has given the responsibility to the women counselors to attend the call of the victim. The girls and woman without any hesitation speak their problem to the female counselors. The women constable of the WPL patiently listen the problems of the victim and counsels them. The identity of the victim is never disclosed by the member of the Women Power Line service. The victim does not need to write any formal letter for registering a complaint. The member of WPL never calls the victim to the police station. They update their work progress through SMS and the telephone concerning their complaint. The Women Power Line members remain in touch with the victim until the case is completely resolved.

The four digit number 1090 may appear banal to many. But lots of women and girls refer their strength through the WPL number 1090. The members of WPL empower women, provide strength and support them to bravely fight against the crime instead of silently ignoring them. Women and girls without hesitation, dial the number 1090 to register the complaint against the offences they face.

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