Friday, 13 March 2015

1090 Emergency Service for women

Women Power Line 1090

Women Power Line 1090 is an initiative of UP police for empowering women. The victim can easily register a complaint against harassment they face, without coming to the police station. Uttar Pradesh government gifted a power line number exclusively for women facing problem of crank calls, vulgar messages, stalking, humiliation and domestic violence.

Every day about millions of females worldwide experiences the crime and violence. It affects every economic and social class of the society, as well as women of every race and religion. Domestic violence, rape, acid attack, and female foeticide all these crime are showing the exploitation of humanism. According to the National Crime Records Bureau of India, in every three minutes, a crime against the woman is committed. Still, women are silently tolerating the violence and humiliation. We need to empower women and provide moral support so that they feel courage and supportive to fight against the crime. 1090 Women Power Line is contributing for the women empowerment and also ensures that they feel safe and secure. Women Power Line provides a platform for the women to share their problem without hesitation and fear. The complaint calls of females are attended by women and girls so that they feel comfortable while speaking to the member of WPL about their problems. There are more than 50 workstation of the WPL in the state, and each workstation is technically equipped. WPL members are so alert that they track a missed call also as they have arrangements to have a record of all the calls and provide help and support to the women who are in emergency. The WPL system is connected with Google maps so the police can track the location from where the cases are reported. Women of Uttar Pradesh from any zone can make utilization of the current Women's Helpline number service. Identification of women will be kept confidential. The victim can lodge a complaint without any formal letter or F.I.R. This undertaking goes to helping women and women from harassment.

The unique thing about the Women Power Line system is its four-digit number 1090. One can easily remember and dial the number even in the haste. WPL have personal security mobile app and services for the safety of the women and teen girls. With the help of the app "Shakti 1090", victim can record audio and video clip and send them to the police control. The police departments then quickly identify the location of the victim. One of the fastest emerging tools to check crime against women is WhatsApp number of WPL, 9454401090. The "Shakti 1090" app and WhatsApp number is a best tool for raising an alarm at the time of emergency. The WPL has YouTube channel which educate the women and provide useful information regarding self-defense techniques, knowledge about the law and motivational speech through the videos.

The Power Angles of the Women Power Line protects the women and girls from the eve-teasing and harassment. They also educate the women folks about the modern technology and empower them to fight for their rights. They also encourage them to use the WPL service at the time of emergency. Many women are tolerating the harassment and silently ignoring them because of the fear. The "Power Angles" encourage the women to fight against the crime and without any fear they can register the complaint in the Women Power Line system. Women Power Line maintains the dignity of the female and provides full security to the victim.

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