Saturday, 14 March 2015

Youth should contribute to Women Empowerment

Empowering Women

India is a vast country with a large population. The youth constitutes about 34 percent of the total population of India. The youth power of every country is a recognized forces and a valuable resource. They are filled with tremendous energy, full of zeal and enthusiastic. Young people are considered as the promise of tomorrow because they are capable, dedicated and devoted for the development of the society. Indian youth has always actively participated and never lagged behind whenever they are called upon to meet the challenge of the society whether online or offline.

Participation of youth for the eradication of social evil is necessary because they are the strength of the country. They need to empower women and educates them about their rights. Educated women are less likely to involve in the domestic violence. If women are educated, their children are educated too. Empowerment of women is necessary for the economic development of the country. Therefore, youth should encourage and empower women to earn so that they can improve their livelihood with their income.

Youths are full of energy, vibrant ideas, and patience to learn things from their mistakes. They need to empower women by providing them status and equality in the society. Everyday media flashes crimes in which women are the worst sufferers and tolerate the crimes like early marriages, female infanticides, dowry death, and domestic violence. In India, about 38% women face torture and humiliation, and 34% are the victim of molestation and rape. Shockingly, about 33% of the crimes are done by the family members of the victim. The crimes against women are increasing day by day because women do not raise their voice, which might lead to more crimes in the future. Women are ignoring and tolerating the harassments and humiliation instead of taking strong action against the crimes. A service started by the Uttar Pradesh police, Women Power Line for the protection of women at the time of emergency and also encourages them to fight for their rights.

The aim of Women Power Line is to empower girls and women to fight for the rights. They motivate girls and women to raise an active voice against crime instead of ignoring and tolerating them. The most of members of the WPL are young girls who are trained to establish an amiable relationship with the victim so that they can share their concerns and seek help from the Women Power Line 1090 service. They spread awareness in the college and university campus so that teen girls fight for the crime without ignoring them. Most of the distress women do not share their problem and ignore them but now they can easily speak to the women constables of women power line for any unpleasant behavior and lodge a complaint against crimes.

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