Monday, 30 March 2015

Women Power Line - A New Way of Thinking for Women Empowerment

Women Power Line

The 24-hour Women Power Line 1090 service is an efficient tool to check the crime against women. For the women empowerment, Uttar Pradesh police started the Women Power Line number 1090 for the safety of troubled or harassed women.

The Women Power Line 1090 service helps those women who require any assist in the emergency. The victims can call to the 1090 Women Power Line number for the help. There is no need for reporting F.I.R., and the most important thing the identity of the women is not disclosed. The victims can seek help from the counselor with an anonymous identity. WPL don't call the victim to the police station, they assist the victim through telephone and update their progress to the victim concerning complaints. WPL attended 3lakh calls and satisfied more than 2.5lakh victims through the call. The member of WPL aims at resolving the problems of victims till their satisfaction.

Swati Singh, one of the women constables of Women Power Line, says, "Before joining the Women Power Line, I was posted in the Jaunpur police station, where I find the work progress of the police department is slow and unsatisfying. The way Women Power Line handles the victim is very effective. I attend the call and feel proud when women and girls say, we are happy with the service of the Women Power Line. Being a woman, I can understand the feeling of harassed women and feel pleased to help other women".

Many women in the rural areas are suffering from the torture, humiliation, and domestic violence. They are silently tolerating the crime. Women Power Line empowers rural women to fight against the crime. They also educate them with the modern technology, so that at the time of emergency they can immediately call Women Power Line 1090 number. The four digit number of Women Power Line is a one state toll-free number.

Women Power Line has volunteers, and they called them 'Power Angles'. The 'Power Angles' protects the girls and women from eve-teasing and harassment. WPL trained the school and college girls to help women and girls from eve-teasing. The 'Power Angles' encourages women and teen girls to register a complaint against the crimes to the WPL. They also advise women and girls that without any fear, they can register their complaint. To file a complaint, women and girls can dial the 1090 number. One can send a message to the WhatApp number 9454401090 of Women Power Line. The audio or video file can also be attached and send to the WPL members. Women Power Line has YouTube channel where women and teen girls can learn the techniques of self-defense. The YouTube channel has so many videos to motivate women and girls to fight against the crime instead of ignoring them. We need to empower women and take initiative steps to protect the women of our country.

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