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Condition of the Exploited Women in Contemporary Society

Women Empowerment in India

In the contemporary society, several women are exploited physically, socially, economically, and mentally in their life. Exploitation against women is often highlighted by the media in the modern society. The violence and injustice against women are not new. The traces of cruelty against women are also found in the history of ancient India.


The women in India are discriminated in the every sphere of life, whether education, employment, property rights or access to health care. In our society, the discrimination of women started at the stage of birth.

Pre-birth stage of women

The exploitation of women on the stage of pre-birth is still prevalent in many parts of India. The desire of male child still exists even in the modern era. The practice of female foeticide is illegal in the country, but many people are misusing the technology of the medical science for the sex determination. About 50 million girls are missing from the Indian population because of the termination of the female fetus.

Infancy stage of women

At the infancy stage, girls are ignored particularly in case of the education, nutrition, and healthcare. In the rural sector of India, people emphasize more on their sons than the daughters. The girls are discriminated within the family members.

Childhood stage of women

At the stage of childhood, many women are victimized in the form of child trafficking and abuse. Many girls are kidnapped for the illegal work of child labor and sex. At the stage of childhood, the life of girls is ruined because of the exploitation.

The adolescence stage of women

The women and girls mostly became the victim of sexual harassment, molestation, eve-teasing, rape, etc. at the stage of the adolescence. Everyday media flash the report of sexual harassment like rape, eve-teasing, etc. At the stage of adolescence, many women are forced by their parents to get married at the early stage. The early marriage of a girl hampers her education and self-development.

Reproductive stage of women

At the reproductive stage, women do not get the proper nutrition and health care. Therefore, the maternal death rate is 437 per 100,000 live births, which is mainly caused due to the anemia, abortion, infection, hemorrhage and obstructed labor.


Dowry deaths
The cases of dowry death are common in the states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, etc. part of the India. When the family of the bride does not able to full fill the demand of dowry made by the bridegroom, the bride's are severely beaten and killed. The dowry death is increased by 2.6% over the last year in the India. About 8,172 cases of dowry death are reported from the Uttar Pradesh.


About 12.2% of women are kidnapped and exploited. The Uttar Pradesh has reported 19.7% of cases related to the kidnapping.


Women are abused inside the home by their husband or family. The cases of ‘torture’ are increased to 10.1% over the previous year. The highest rate of torture reported from the Tripura i.e. 22.8%.


The case of molestation is occurring very frequently in the states like Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The working women are the worst sufferer of molestation.

Sexual harassment

Many women are facing the sexual harassment, and the crime is increasing day by day. The Uttar Pradesh has reported 22.9% cases of the sexual harassment.

Many women are suffering from several heinous crimes and silently ignoring them. Therefore, the Uttar Pradesh police started the 1090 Women Power Line service to answer all the criminal problems occurring in the modern Indian society. The Women Power Line empowers women so that they boldly fight for their rights without tolerating the offenses. Any women or teen girls suffering from the unsocial behavior can immediately inform to the WPL members by dialing the 1090 toll-free number. The members of the WPL do not call the victim to the police station in any case. The victim does not need to write any formal letter or F.I.R. to file a complaint. With an anonymous identity, women and teen girls lodge their complaint. The WPL ensures an immediate safety of women and also maintain the dignity of the women. The calls of the victim are attended by the female constables so that women and girls frankly speak their problem. The 24*7 service of Women Power Line is providing strength to the women and girls. The Women Power Line 1090 is becoming popular among women and girls and also appreciated by many people.

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