Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Female Infanticide and Biased Cultural Beliefs

Empower Women

Female infanticide is a homicide of a newly born baby. Similarly, the evil practice of female foeticide is also propelling in the Indian society. The female foeticide is the abortion of the girl child fetus. Many people are misusing the technology of the medical science for the sex determination. The desire of male child still exists even in the modern era. In India, female infanticide and foeticide is prevalent even the killing and aborting of a female fetus is an illegal practice. The practice is rampant in many states of India and women are the worst suffers from the practice of female infanticide.

According to the statistics of sex ratio, the ratio of girls is continuously going down. The girl children are brutally killed in many parts of India. About 50 million girls are missing from the Indian population because of the termination of the female fetus. Everyday media flashes one or more cases of female infanticide or feticide. According to the report of 2011, in India, the population of the girl child is only 12.9%. The female infanticide in India is because of the gender bias cultural beliefs. The male are respected and given more value than the women in the Indian society. The girl children are considered as the liability by many families. Many rural families are aborting or killing the girl child because of the fear of paying dowry. If the demand of dowry is not full filled, brides are often harassed, abused or burnt. According to the survey, in every 93 minutes a dowry death is occurring in India. Due to the female infanticide, the female mortality rate is increasing and also causing serve health problems to pregnant women. The maternal death rate is 437 per 100,000 live births, which is mainly caused due to the anemia, abortion, infection, hemorrhage and obstructed labor. A forceful abortion is a crime, and a person can be punished under the Section of 312 and 316 of Indian Penal Code. If abortion is done without the consent of the mother carries the baby.

1090 Women Power Line started by the Uttar Pradesh police to answer all the criminal problems plaguing in the Indian society. Women empowerment in India is necessary so that women get their fundamental rights in the society. Many women are suffering from several heinous crimes and silently ignoring them. The Women Power Line empowers women so that they boldly fight for their rights without tolerating the offenses. Any women or teen girls suffering from the unsocial behavior can immediately inform to the WPL members by dialing the 1090 toll-free number. The members of the WPL do not call the victim to the police station in any case. The victim does not need to write any formal letter or F.I.R. to file a complaint. With an anonymous identity, women and teen girls lodge their complaint. The WPL ensures an immediate safety of women and also maintain the dignity of the women. The calls of the victim are attended by the female constables so that women and girls frankly speak their problem. The 24*7 service of Women Power Line is providing strength to the women and girls. The Women Power Line 1090 is becoming popular among women and girls and also appreciated by many people.

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