Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Women Empowerment the Power to Change Many Things in the Society

Women Empowerment

Women in India are taking the initiative step towards becoming fully integrated and valued member of the society. The evil practices like child marriage, gender inequality, female feticide, etc. are mainly perpetrated through the customs and traditions of the Indian society. The women silently tolerate the offenses. Therefore, the women in our society are deprived of their basic needs. We should not consider women a helpless and weak entity. We need to empower women and girls so that they get self-motivated to change many things in the society.

The old and evil practice of the child marriage is still prevalent in the Indian society. People still continued the evil practices of early marriage in order to maintain the family status in the community. According to the survey, early marriage is still prevalent because of the poverty and lack of knowledge of the consequences of child marriage. Early marriage is a devastating practice of our society that results in the ill health of a girl. At such a young age, their body is neither physically nor emotionally developed to give birth to a baby. Therefore, the child brides face the higher risk of death at the time of pregnancy. The married females below the age of 14 are more than 8.4%. About 60% of the mothers die at the time of pregnancy because of the underdeveloped body to conceive a baby at the early age.

The gender bias is another cultural belief in India, which is ruining the life of the women. The desire of male child still exists in the society and, therefore, many female infants are killed after the birth or aborted before birth. The men are respected and given more value than the women in the Indian society. The girls are considered as liability by many families. The female feticide affects the women health and causes serve health problems. The female mortality rate is increasing because of the abortion, infection, obstructed labor, etc.

Discrimination between women and men creates a perception that women are weaker and can't live alone without the support of men. But, women have potential, and their initiative step can change the current status of the society. Education and employment is the most powerful tool for improving the women's situation in the society. If women are empowered with the knowledge, they will fully participate in the decision- making and development process at all levels. Women should strong enough to defend themselves from any situation whenever needed. The women and teen girls need to be powerful enough that they can smartly handle the situation at the time of emergency that any molester, eve teaser or rapist can't harm them.

Every day many women and girls are suffering from the heinous crimes. Therefore, the Uttar Pradesh police have designed Women PowerLine 1090 number to protect those women who are being harassed molested and need protection. The women and teen girls easily dial the four digit 1090 WPL number during the emergency and can feel safe. The WPL has given the responsibility to the women constable to attend the call of the victims. The women constable very calmly listen the problems of the victims and ensures them safety. As WPL do not call the victim to the police station and complaint can be registered by an anonymous identity, so the victims easily share their problems to the female constables. Women Power Line is a gift for the women who protects them and provides safety at the time of emergency.

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