Monday, 27 April 2015

Societal Development is a Tool for Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Women are an important part in our society, and empowerment of women is must for the social, economical, and political development of the society. According to the survey, the women contribute 75% in the development of the society, whereas men contribute only 25%, although the population of female in our country is low as compared to the men. Unfortunately, even the women and girls have praiseworthy role in society, still they are being neglected.

Empowerment of women through social development

The women and girls are deprived of their basic rights because of the social barrier of the Indian society. Many girls do not able to receive the primary education because people consider daughters as a liability. Parents engage their daughters in the household work or the agricultural work. In our society, many girls are forced by their parents to get married at an early age. According to the traditional belief, if a marriage of a girl is not done at the early age, people consider as a failure of the parents. Many people marry their daughters at an early age in order to maintain their status in the community.

A lot of families deter their daughter-in-law from working outside the house. A Certain mass of people believes that after marriage women should engage in the household work and take care of the family due to their orthodox thinking. There is a great initiative towards empowering women, the Uttar Pradesh police started the Women Power Line 1090 for the safety of troubled or harassed women.

Political Empowerment

Involvements of women in the politics provides a governance benefit, but if the existing data will be referenced, then only 9% of the seats are occupied by the women in the parliament. Female political leaders even contributed at the high level towards the growth of the nation than the male counterparts. We need to extend our help and support to women. Therefore, women can actively participate in the political development of our society, which will set a milestone for next generation.

Technological Empowerment

We need to encourage women for using the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools in the proper way. Using ICT, women can broaden the scope of their activities since more than 80% of women are working in the rural sector. The working women of the rural sector are mostly engaged in economic activities like sewing, weaving, handicrafts, etc. The women of a rural sector should expose to modern technology so that they can get benefit in their handicraft markets. The members of the WPL educate the rural women for using the mobile phones; internet, etc. so at the time of emergency women can contact the WPL.

Empowerment through economic development

Empowerment of women is necessary for the economic development of the country. Therefore, we should encourage and empower women to earn so that they can improve their livelihood with their income. Women have the right to live an independent life as well. In the cities, women are highly willing for the job opportunities, and they can work outside the house. The gender inequality creates a wide cap between men and women, which leads to less participation of women in the workplace. Women get less wage than the men in many workplaces. At the time of promotion, men get the more preference, than the women. The reason behind the hindrance to the development of the country is the difference between men and women.

Sometimes, women are molested and harassed at the workplace also. The lack of strict government rules is responsible for the crime against women. Therefore, Women Power Line 1090 provides a practical solution so that the accused boy can be immediately warned and punished. In every police station, the victim has to register the F.I.R. for the further process of the police department, but WPL does not need any formal letters. The success rate of the Women Power Line is 99%, whereas the conviction rate in the courts is only 4%. WPL do not involve court in solving the cases of harassment and provide immediate help to the victim.

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