Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Women Power Line 1090 - Empowers Thousands of Women

Women Power Line, Empower Women

1090 Women Power Line, A service to deal with the crime against women. The Women Power Line ensures that the women and teen girls feel more safe and secure. Women and girls who are being harassed and facing the problem of crank calls, vulgar messages can immediately seek help from the WPL service. Earlier women were feeling unsafe while coming out of the house. Women and girls can easily share their anguish to the women constables of the WPL. The unique service of WPL empowers women and generates confidence among them to approach 1090 at the time of emergency. The women and girls always had the apprehension that somebody is stalking them. Therefore, Women Power Line designed to handle instances of harassment, stalking, and humiliation so that women can feel safe and secure wherever they go.

The Women Power Line 1090 is a dedicated service that provides immediate help to the harassed women. Women can lodge a complaint against the harassment, domestic violence fake calls, internet based harassment and eve-teasing by dialing the Women Power Line number 1090. Empowering women is necessary for the growth of the society. We need to empower women so that the women and girls bravely come forward and fight against the harassment. Women hesitate to speak about the violence and humiliation they suffer, which results in the increasing rate of offences in the society. If women tolerate the offence, we cannot be able to put an end to the harassment. Therefore, the Women Power Line 1090 provides a platform to the women, where female can easily speak their problems without any hesitation. The women and girls can lodge a complaint against any unsocial behavior happening in their surroundings immediately. To file a complaint, women can dial 1090 number or send a message to the WhatsApp number 9454401090 of the Women Power Line.

Women Power Line has YouTube channel where women and teen girls can learn the techniques of self-defense. The YouTube channel has so many videos to motivate women and girls to fight against the crime instead of ignoring them. Self-defense is important for females because according to the survey, it is seen that the victims of violent crime are mainly women and teen girls. Therefore, we should teach some fundamental and useful tricks to women and girls so that they can utilize them in distress or whenever needed. Women and girls can save someone else also if they know the effective techniques of self-defense. The 'Power Angles' (volunteers of the WPL) protects the girls and women from eve-teasing and harassment. The role of the Power Angles is to empower women and encourage them to fight against the offences.

Women Power Line has received about three lakh calls and has resolved more than 2.5 lakh cases. So far, 28,000 complaints of working women, 1, 26,642 complaints from girl students, and about 80,000 of other ladies have been received. Women and girls can quickly file their complaint without coming to the police station and without disclosing their name. In every police station, the victim has to register the F.I.R. for the further process of the police department, but WPL does not need any formal letters. The success rate of Women Power Line is 99% whereas the conviction rate in the courts is only 4%. WPL do not involve the court in solving the cases of harassment and provide immediate help to the victim. Women power Line is like, a power given to the women by the Uttar Pradesh police to fight against the crimes. The WPL service is appreciated by many people and has been the great success in the Uttar Pradesh.

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