Thursday, 9 April 2015

Women Power Line 1090 - Women's Strength & Power

Women Power Line

The highest number of misbehavior and crime against women is recorded from the India's most populous state Uttar Pradesh. In 2011, out of the total crimes occurred in India, about one -third of the crimes are reported only from the Uttar Pradesh. The state has accounted for the highest number of miscreants such as eve-teasing, sexual harassment, domestic violence, dowry death, etc. According to the record of NCRB 2011 data, Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of violent crimes as well, such as murder, rape, kidnapping, etc.

For years, women and teen girls of Uttar Pradesh are suffering from the harassment and humiliation. To change the scenario, the Uttar Pradesh police started the Women Power Line 1090 to handle the cases of offense against women and ensure immediate protection to the women and girls. Women can register a complaint against fake and annoying calls, awful SMSes, MMSes, web-based provocations, domestic violence and harassment in public places. The girls and women can take an action against internet based harassment like making a fake profile in their name and posting their pictures without their consent. The Women Power Line number 1090 is for empowering the women at the time of emergency. About 3lakh calls, WPL has received and satisfied more than 2.5lakh attended calls. About 95% cases are resolved right away and the rest 5% are forwarded for the further process in the Crime Branch section of the UP Police.

Women and girls ignore the miscreants and silently tolerate them. In India, women usually hesitate in making complaints against the crime, they face. If a girl wants to take the step against the crime, her family prevents from doing so because they do not wish to involve in any police case or court system. Focusing these entire situations, Women Power Line provides a unique service where any women can easily share their problem without hesitation. As women do not want to involve in the police case, WPL system never calls the victim to the police station. The complaints can be registered through phone calls, text messages or online system. The identity of the victim is kept confidential. Women Power Line 1090 has both males as well as female counselors. But the complaint calls of females are attended by women and girls so that they feel comfortable while speaking to the member of WPL about their problems. The Women Power Line provides immediate help; therefore, the victim does not need to register F.I.R. or any formal letter for the further process of the police department. The success rate of the Women Power Line is 99%, whereas the conviction rate in the courts is only 4%. WPL do not involve the court in solving the cases of harassment. Women Power Line maintains the dignity of the female and provides full security to the victim.

The Women Power Line service encourages the women and girls, to boldly raise their voice against the offenses. The unique service of Uttar Pradesh is giving strength to the women and girls to live their life without any fear. Women power Line is like, a power given to the women by the Uttar Pradesh police to fight against the crime.

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