Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Why there is a Still Need of Women Empowerment in Modern context?

Modern women have achieved glory in almost all fields. We find women in all walks of life, whether inside or outside the home in the workplace. Women and girls are often referred to as a weak and helpless entity, but we cannot neglect the contribution of women to the development of the country. There was a time when women are considered as the master of homemaking, but now the women are counted as the strong forces that shape a country. There are many women who set examples for others like Pratibha Patil, Kiran Bedi, Kalpana Chawla, Mary Kom, etc. Though, in modern India women are considered in high esteem, but still women and girls have to go a long way to achieve equal status with Indian men.

The path of the women is full of roadblocks. The modern Indian women are well educated and economically strong, but still women are restricted to the social and religious boundaries. The gender inequality creates a wide gap between men and women, and sometimes that leads to less participation of women in many fields of the development. Even in the present Indian society desire of a boy child creating an adverse effect on the modern India. Many women are forced to abort their fetus if carrying a girl child in their fetus. Though female infanticide is illegal in India, but the practice is still common in many parts of the country. The backwardness and the lack of strict government rule ruining the life of the women.

India is a male dominant society where women are considered inferior to the men. Though, we have heard many times "ladies first" in different fields, but women are still deprived of their rights. The offences like domestic violence, dowry death, sexual abuse, female infanticide, etc. are still prevalent in modern India. In India, according to the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), about 1.5 lakh crimes against females are reported in a year out of which domestic violence cases are nearly 50,000. Women are considered weak and inferior whereas male member are the head of the family. Beating of women is the frequent violence against women in the rural societies. Similarly, when a demand for dowry is not met, then the case of bride burning is common in the countryside. According to the Dowry Prohibition Act of 1961, Dowry is a social evil, but the practice of dowry is standard. The dowry demand cases are also seen in the higher middle class educated society. To eliminate the social evils from the country, the government has to empower women economically so that the women and girls can protect themselves from the domestic violence and raise voice against dowry giving as well as taking.

As we know there are lots of crimes against the women, so entire citizen should take initiative steps and protect the women of our country. Women power line number of Uttar Pradesh has been designed to protect those women, who are being harassed, molested and need protection. Women and teen girls can feel safe by dialing the number 1090 and can share their problems with female constables. Trained female constables of Women Power Line attend the calls of the victim and deals with them to provide help to the victimized people. The members of WPL will immediately take action against the violence and harassment to provide better protection to the women. Women Power Line members always give fast support to the women, who have been subjected to the harassment.

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