Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Globalization & Impact on Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

In the developing nations, globalization has created a tremendous of impact on the lives of women. Globalization is an effective method for the women to know about their basic rights and to empower them so that the women become self-dependent. Many multinational organizations have realized that the cheap labors of the Asian countries are the most lucrative way to enhance the profits of the business. In the developing countries, one can easily find the flexible women labor force. A large number of poor women looking for work to full fill their basic requirements. Globalization is also helping in uprooting the traditional thinking and women are considered equal to men.

Through globalization, we can know the social, political and economic empowerment of the women. With the help of the active social and economic policies, women can realize their full potential. The globalization has opened the broader communication lines and attracted more organizations as well as different companies. Many women are becoming a significant part of the workforce and contributing to the economic development of the country. Women are getting more opportunities of higher pay that raises their self-confidence. In the last few decades, through globalization many nations are integrated into the global economy through capital flow and trade.

In cities, women are highly willing for the job opportunities and want to live an independent life. Women of the urban sector do not wish to depend on the men for any problem. In India, working women are at a higher risk of humiliation, molestation, violence, etc. Every day a large number of women are facing the offense like rape, eve-teasing while coming from the workplace in the evening. Women Power Line 1090, started by the Government of Uttar Pradesh to provide a practical solution so that the accused boy can be immediately warned and punished.

In most of the developing countries, globalization is helping to eradicate the discrimination and violence against women and girl child. Women tolerate the humiliation and violence silently that is responsible for increasing violence in the society. We need to empower women so that they can bravely fight for their rights and the unsocial behavior against them. The Women Power Line encourages those women who fight for their rights and crimes against them. Women, who are harassed and need help, can make the complaint against the offense. The members of WPL will immediately take action against the violence and harassment to provide better protection to the women. Women can make the complaint without disclosing their name, and can sort out their problems without coming to the police station just by dialing the number 1090. The helpline number 1090 provided by the super cops of Uttar Pradesh is a one state number for the protection of women so they can live their life without any fear.

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