Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Women need to be empowered Instead of Treating as a Helpless Victim

As an individual, women also have the rights to earn respect from others. Respecting women do not mean bowing head down in front of a woman, but the women should be given their rights and space as an individual. Every living being deserves to be respected. Our modern society feels a woman means not to do things that insult or humiliate any woman or girl. But, the women should be given equal rights in all aspects. Women should be respected so that we can create a society where women and men are equally treated. We should never understand women as a weak entity.

Even in the 21st century, many women are dependent on the men. Many educated women do not able to take their decision and dependent on the men. In rural areas, women never go anywhere outside the house without the presence of men. The male dominant society feels women as a weak living being. Therefore, women are more vulnerable to crime like molestation, eve-teasing, rape, stalking, etc. The women who are inside the home they are also not safe. According to the statistics, about 38% of the cruelties against women are an attempt by the husband and relatives inside the home. Women should encourage so that they can defend themselves against any harassment. The women and teen girls should learn the techniques of self-defense and utilize them whenever needed. Women can learn the easy tricks of self-defense from the YouTube. The Uttar Pradesh police started a unique service to protect the women in distress. The Women Power Line 1090 has a youtube channel where women can easily learn the simple and effective tricks of self-defense.

Women Power Line service always encourages women and never feels women as a helpless and weak entity. Women and teen girls who are harassed or molested can lodge their complaint against the crime and can get immediate help. The Women Power Line 1090 is a dedicated service and help women and girls during an emergency. People feel women are weak, so they should ignore the unsocial behavior of men and silently tolerate. Therefore, due to the lack of support and encouragement women are tolerating the offenses. Many parents teach their daughters to ignore any miscreants done by the men because the parents do not want to involve in the court or police case. Therefore, the Uttar Pradesh police focused all the scenario of the Indian society and designed the Women Power Line 1090. The members of the Women Power Line never call the victims to the police station in any case.The victim can file a complaint, just by dialing 1090 numbers and WPL does not need any formal letter or F.I.R. With an anonymous identity, women and girls can call to the 1090 number of Women Power Line. Since, the dignity of the women and girls are maintained in the Women Power Line 1090 service, therefore, many people appreciate the work of the WPL.

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