Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Protective Measures for Women's Development & Empowerment

Empowerment of women is necessary for the development of the country and also to promote the women's inherent strengths. The contribution of women in the country should be recognized and valued to enhance their abilities, potential and talent. Women empowerment enables the women and girls to raise their voice against exploitation, injustice, violence, harassment, and abuse.

Educating women and girls are the key to empowerment of women. The lack of education among the women and girls leads to the poverty, ill health, exploitation, etc. Awareness programs should be organized to encourage women in the education. Parents should also encourage and know the importance of the education so that they will send their daughters to the schools. According to the research, 31% of rural girls do not able to complete their studies because of the lack of high schools and college institutions in the villages. Parents of the tribal sector do not send their daughters to cities and metros to complete their studies. According to the report, the lack of the facility of toilets in the school is also a reason for the parents for not sending their daughters to school and college. The young girls are more vulnerable to the offenses. Therefore, most of the parents hesitate to send their daughters to school after the age of 14-15 years. The Government should take the initiative step for the protection of women and girls because most of the crime occurs in the rural areas while going toilets far from home or school. The Uttar Pradesh police started Women Power Line for the protection of women and teen girls. Any girl or a woman who is harassed or molested can lodge a complaint to the Women Power Line. To register a complaint, women do not need to come to the police station. Women and girls hesitate to disclose their identity while complaining against the crime. Therefore, Women Power Line provides a platform where women and girls can file a complaint with an anonymous identity.

Women are strong and have the potential to improve the economic condition of the country. Economically empowered women are self-dependent. Their children are educated, families are healthier and improved livelihood. We need to encourage women so they can earn money to improve their livelihood by educating their children, provide nutritious food for their family, etc. In India, many women are illiterate that results in the lack of interest and motivation to earn money. We need to encourage women for education as well as to earn money so that they can contribute in the economic and social development of the society. Economically empowered women can reduce the poverty from the society.

Educated women are self-motivated and bravely accept the responsibilities as well as risk. Women face tremendous hurdles when they start their enterprise and sometimes they became the victim of violence. According to the research, women became the victim of domestic violence because they earn more than their husband. In the cities, many women are harassed and molested in the workplace and also tortured by the family because of working outside the home. We need to put an end to the violence against women for a better tomorrow. Therefore, the contribution of Women Power Line to controlling the crime against women is quite appreciable. The WPL is a potent tool for managing and improving the current situation of the police department. The Women Power Line has given the responsibility to women constable to attend the call of the victims. Therefore, victims share their problems without hesitation. The Women Power Line is a system for the women by the women.

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