Tuesday, 28 April 2015

How to Stop Women Abuse, Eve Teasing & Cyber Crime

Women Power Line

The gender-based discrimination in the society is giving rise to the violence against women and girls. Everyday many women are facing the dirty comments, stares, unwelcome touch whenever they step out of the home. In every five minutes, a woman is sexually harassed. Every day women and girls have to contend with their life. The victim of eve-teasing can be anybody, of any age, anywhere and anytime. The perpetrator is mainly a man or a teen boy against a woman. Studies have shown that molestation and sexual harassment against women are still endemic. Even in many organizations women face the harassment. About 40-60% of working women face the antisocial behavior at the workplace. Lack of religious values, morality, ethics and disrespect of women are giving rise to the unsocial behavior in the society.

The new generation criminal activity like cyber flames, cyber flirting, cyber teasing, cyber cheating, etc. are increasing very rapidly not only in India, but all over the world. Most of the cyber crime happens in the social networking websites, public chat rooms, and online messaging application. The identity of many women is misused in the cyber crime. The cyber crime happens in many ways like cyber stalking, cyber pornography, email spoofing, etc.

Women should encourage registering a complaint, whenever they are facing any unlawful act in the society. We need to empower women through the useful tricks of self-defense so that they can utilize them at the time of emergency. About 48% of the women use pepper spray for their self-defense weapon. Studies have shown that the movies and television show featuring women as sex objects is responsible for raising the violence against women in the society. We should not support the movies and television shows, which provoke the people for doing the evil behavior against the women. The cyber crime should be controlled by using the strong password for every account. Women and girls who use social networking sites should set their user account settings to private.

The Power Angles of Women Power Line (teen volunteers of WPL) educate the girls and women not to tolerate the harassment and violence against them. If women tolerate the crime silently, we cannot put an end to the crime. We need to empower women so that they will come forward and fight for their rights. Women Power Line empowers women to fight against the harassment they face and encourages them to register a complaint against the anti-social behavior happening in their surroundings immediately. The Power Angles visit many rural areas and educate the women and girls with the modern technology, like mobile phones, internet, etc. and encourage them to use them. Therefore, the women and girls can immediately lodge a complaint to the Women Power Line 1090 against the offence they are facing.

The member of the Women Power Line does not portray women as a weak and helpless entity. The members of WPL empower women, provide strength and support them to bravely fight against the crime instead of silently ignoring them. Women and girls without hesitation, dial the number 1090 to register the complaint against the offences they face. The counselors of the Women Power Line system do not call the victim to the police station. Women and teen girls can register a complaint against the harassment they face by dialing 1090 number or by sending the message in the WhatsApp number 9454401090 of the Women Power Line. One can also register online by log into www.1090up.in. The Smartphone user can use the WPL application, i.e. Shakti app. With the help of the app "Shakti 1090", victims can record audio and video clip and send them to the police control. Women Power Line deals through the SMS and keeps posting their work progress to the victim concerning their complaint. Women Power Line immediately takes the strict measures against the offence. If the person repeats their actions, then the police can take legal steps against them. Since, the Women Power Line maintains the dignity of the female and ensures the safety at the time of emergency. WPL is gaining popularity among the girls and women. Many people appreciated the work of the Women Power Line.

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