Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Women Power Line 1090 for the Safety & Empowerment of women

Empowerment of Women

The protection of the women in the nation is most vital. As far as the safety of women is concerned, Indian society is most vulnerable section. Daily when we turn on the pages of the newspaper we come across many headlines reporting crimes against the women as sexual harassment, molestation, domestic violence, trafficking, stalking, ill-treatment of women in houses, etc.

We blame the Government, and the police department for the weak law and action for the offence against the women. But first we need to learn how to give respect to the women and girls in the society. We can never eliminate the threat of violence against the women in the society if we will not respect the women and girls. The students should learn to respect the women from early childhood. The schools and colleges should be organized debates and motivational seminars on how to control the unhealthy practices and have the strict government laws for the offences against the women and girls. Women and girls should know the techniques of self-defense. The school and college should compulsorily train the girl students with the useful tricks of self-defense so that they utilize them in distress or whenever needed.

Empowerment of women is necessary so that they can boldly protest against the violence that makes them feel harassed and molested. Uttar Pradesh police started women helpline service known as Women Power Line for the protection of distress women. The members of the Women Power Line ensure that the women and teen girls feel more safe and secure. The aim of the Women Power Line is to empower women and generate confidence among them to fight for their rights. Women and girls who are being harassed and facing the problem of crank calls, vulgar messages can immediately seek help from the WPL service. The Women Power Line has YouTube channel where women and teen girls can learn the techniques of self-defense. The YouTube channel has so many video to motivate women and girls to fight against the crime instead of ignoring them.

The growing access to the World Wide Web is also becoming one of the reasons for the exploitation of women and girls. Many women are suffering from internet based harassment. Therefore, Women Power Line started a service for ensuring safety to harassment like making a fake profile in the name of women or girls and posting their pictures without their consent. The victims can call to the 1090 Women Power Line number for the help. There is no need for reporting F.I.R., and the most important thing the identity of the women is not disclosed. The victims can seek help from the counselor with an anonymous identity. WPL don’t call the victim to the police station. The members of the WPL assist the victim through the telephone and update their progress to the victim concerning complaints.

WPL attended 3lakh calls and satisfied more than 2.5 lakh victims through the call. The member of WPL aims at resolving the problems of victim till satisfaction. The four digit number 1090 may appear banal to many. But lots of women and girls refer their strength through the WPL number 1090. The members of WPL empower women, provide strength and support them to bravely fight against the crime instead of silently ignoring them. Women and girls without hesitation, dial the number 1090 to register the complaint against the offences they face.

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