Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Empower Women to make them Independent in all Aspects

Empower Women

Women empowerment means the women in all aspects so that they can be self-reliant, self-dependent, and positive esteem to enable themselves to face any harsh situation. Women power is essential to the economic growth of a country. We can achieve tremendous of improvement by uplifting the women in the field of education, employment, technology, etc.

Educating women is one of the powerful tools for the empowerment of the women. An educated women can get the employment, participate in the decision-making, educate her children and also able to improve the livelihood. The reason behind the exploitation and negligence of the women is the lack of education. According to the research, the literacy rate of women has risen from 0.7% to 7.3% whereas the literacy rate of men has increased from 9-8% to 24.9%. By empowering women through education, we can change the status of the women in the society.

When women are economically empowered they not only generate the income, but also participate in the decision-making that results in the overall empowerment of the women. According to the statistics of women in India 2010, about 9.42% women are at the workplace in the urban areas, whereas 16.65% women are working in the rural women. According to the data, in the rural areas there are more women workers. In the male-dominated society, women are not treated equally to men. Therefore, the women get fewer wages as compared to men. Gender inequality is a major barrier to the women empowerment.

We need to empower women and girls through the information and communication technologies. The Internet and mobile technologies have enormous potential for providing opportunities and knowledge to the women. By using the Internet, women and girls can easily learn many new things, share information, generate income, and interact with people from different communities. But, lack of access to technology, knowledge and adequate infrastructure, many women is unable to use the technology. About, 21% of women only own a mobile phone in the world. According to the research, exploitation of women is observed because of the increasing access to the internet. The cyber crime is increasing day by day like harassment, stalking, online pornography, etc. Women and girls are ignoring the offence and tolerating silently. Women Power Line 1090 operated by the Uttar Pradesh police to ensure the safety of harassed women by the vulgar callers, stalkers, eve-teasers, etc. The girls and women can take an action against internet based harassment like making a fake profile in their name and posting their pictures without their consent.

The WPL service is started to help those women who require any assist in the emergency. The victims can call to the Women Power Line toll-free number 1090 for the help. The victims can seek help from the counselor with an anonymous identity. WPL doesn't call the victim to the police station and help the victim through telephone and keep posted their work progress to the victim concerning their registered complaint. WPL attended 3lakh calls and satisfied more than 2.5lakh victims through the call. The member of WPL aims at resolving the problems of victims till their satisfaction.

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