Thursday, 30 April 2015

Women's Empowerment and Reproductive Health in Rural India

The health status of Indian women is a matter of concern, especially in the rural sector. India accounts for the maximum number of maternal deaths in the world due to the complication of unsafe abortion, postpartum infection or bleeding, obstructed labor and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. Poor health not only affects to women, but also their family members. Women in ill-health are more likely to give birth to low-weight infants. Many women die because of the lack of proper nutrition and health care.

The exploitation of women through female foeticide is still prevalent in India. There is a high desire for boy child among the Indian families because people believe that the son will take care of the parents in their old age. According to the traditional Indian beliefs, a childless woman is incomplete, and if, given birth to a girl child is partially complete. The women who have a boy child are only considered as a complete and can enjoy the status in the society.

In India, most of the women are illiterate in the rural sector. The lack of proper knowledge about the prenatal care is one of the reasons of the increasing mortality rate in India. Training programs should be organized to educate the mothers about prenatal care. We can reduce the risk during the pregnancy of women by empowering them with the knowledge of antenatal and parental care. Empowering women through the knowledge of proper nutrition and health care can create a healthy environment in the society.

Numerous of studies shown that closely spaced births affect the mothers’ health and also cause obstructed labor, birth of a premature baby. Unwanted babies termination by unsafe abortions also hampers the health of the mothers. The family planning awareness program should be organized so that woman and men both can know the better health of the mother and infants. Domestic violence during the pregnancy affects both the mother and child. According to the research, women who are abused during the pregnancy, they face miscarriage, gynecological problems, etc.

As we know there are many crimes against the women, so entire citizen should take initiative steps and protect the women of our country. Women power line 1090 of Uttar Pradesh has been designed to protect those women, who are being harassed, molested and need protection. Women and teen girls can feel safe by dialing the number 1090 and can share their problems with female constables. Trained female constables of Women Power Line counsel the victims and ensure safety to them. The members of WPL immediately take action against the violence and harassment to provide better protection to the women. Women Power Line members always give fast support to the women, who have been subjected to the harassment.

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